Preferred.AI is a research undertaking at the Singapore Management University (SMU)School of Computing and Information Systems (SCIS) led by Hady W. Lauw.


Our mission is to `push the envelope’ on learning user preferences from data to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of recommendations using data mining, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.  This encompasses designing algorithms for mining user-generated data of various modalities (e.g., ratings, text, images, social networks) for understanding the behaviours and preferences of users (individually and collectively), and applying the mined knowledge to develop user-centric intelligent applications.


Our goals are multi-fold: scientific, impact-oriented, and educational.

  1. We push the boundaries of science by conducting high-quality research with an eye towards publishing them in the top-tier conferences and journals.
  2. We seek broader impact, by developing knowledge bases, libraries, or systems and sharing them for the benefit of the  community.  We are also interested in pursuing fruitful collaborations of mutual interest with industry partners if an opportune synergy in research focus arises.
  3. We contribute towards the furtherance of training and education, through our research activities within the university environment, as well as information sharing and dissemination to the broader community.

This site tracks our various activities towards these objectives.